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Default About Website and Forums.

lets see what happened yesterday and now whats our situation.

our web designer admin decided to leave clan and advertised his website in our domain. of course we changed back to this website and forum. So we wont use his portal/forum anymore.

Members/admins can leave clan if they want. Its normal. They can pm me to remove server/forum access. But mulder wasnt a normal admin (even he didnt talk any of us - i saw in forums..) He got all our access - i dont have more access from him. Becouse we trusted him. We shared all access and let him to move us new portal/forum. Then What he did? He left clan and really fucked this community. We lost our portal and forum.

Also he didnt give us full access on forum. He is the only full admin so we must leave his forum - which we cant control. Its my mistake i trusted too much.

Anyway he is a traitor and he cheated us. what a shame. what a lamer way to leave the clan. so we lost forum with his way.

about old admin cokeh's thoughts.

he got perm banned becouse he banned 26 players in server when he was admin.

about headjunkie,

yes i perm banned him. becouse of his thoughts with us early forum. also whine whine whine. nothing else in games. why ppl keep joining if we are really bad cant understnd.

and what i saw, web designer admin unbanned him when i was afk. I told him not do again.
becouse head admins' decisions are final in ablens community. Its not discussible.

4-5 years ago when i founded this clan with moti, our main rule was this one. HEAD ADMIN DECISIONS are the last. Server Admins cant unban our bans. isnt that clear?

also head admins dont unban other head admins bans. If it s too necessry, they ask each other and get a deal.

this admin with us nearly 2 years and still didnt understnd our rules/community style.

Why waiting 2 years then?. If he didnt have enough brain to understnd community style, leave now but after talking, website and forum transfer. This was the correct way. But now it can be called a website hack if he wasnt an able member. what a shame he is doing it with our domain.. Leave clan, open your own forum and write there.

Every clan has an owner/founder and we are the boss here. All admins know it and if any1 has a problem with it, he can leave. its simple.

this is final post about this.
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