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ABLE.ns ADMINs opinion/abuse/feedback Our goal is make this the BEST European NS server, with the BEST admins. If you have any comments about ADMIN behavior or other ADMIN related stuff, please post it here. Thanks fore your feedback!

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doogie elindult a közkedveltség útján
Standard Live_Feed banned me for no reason.

I was playing a combat in angst. Live_Feed joined and said, not jp/hmg/fade till we're 7v7. We were 6v6 so no one got it. Then a dude, which I can't recall went fade, killed the fade without jp two times, then, at the third time he faded, I went jp.

Live_Feed said I was totally lame and started to psychoanalyze me by saying that's not a good attitude blablabla. I said "idgaf" and he said "you should". Then I said "I don't give a shit about what a guy from the internet says" then he banned me.

That's it. The reasons is that I was spawncamping and using bad language or something. I think I've never seen anyone getting banned for this, because if this is the case, server would be empty.

I'd like to see Live_Feed admin powers revoked, as this is not the first time he bans me for incongruous reasons. He just hates me, and he just boils the water till he can ban me.
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