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ABLE.ns ADMINs opinion/abuse/feedback Our goal is make this the BEST European NS server, with the BEST admins. If you have any comments about ADMIN behavior or other ADMIN related stuff, please post it here. Thanks fore your feedback!

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Alt 2009.09.17   #21
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kapio elindult a közkedveltség útján
Standard Re: im sick and tired of "im-the-admin-boss-on-the-server" Kapio

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Commenting to Kapio his post above. But as it is covered in another post, i'm just answering once.

Yeah, i've read it. And thanks to you i've found:

Atleast 5 minutes ingame, people were typing as much as they could to get your attention. There is no way you could have overlooked this. And dont come up with "I was talking with my wife" as you were a friggin fade with at least 7 kills.


Alltalk was 1. End of discussion.
And I believe volume 0 does not block the voice icon popping up. It´s just the same as muting your headphones.
Evidence ?

i know, u dont like me too, so I will soon see evidence > pics
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Alt 2009.09.17   #22
Seductive Duck
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Seductive Duck hamarosan közkedvelt leszSeductive Duck hamarosan közkedvelt lesz
Standard Re: im sick and tired of "im-the-admin-boss-on-the-server" Kapio

r3d0xXuS can you please next time and forever clean up your dumps

we already have seen the orginal files, just post the translation not german and the following words. If it was so much of a bother that someone said you where lieing then put the shit with the shit


this topic is already full of fucking quotes from other fucking posts, seriously that matter has pasted. Yes kapio has had other complains

JUST ADD THE FUCKING LINK, we do not need to drag old shit into this new thread. Leave it in the other thread. It adds confusion to the other quotes from this thread.

if that is the case why did you not bring it up on fourms? i can not find a thread linked to this case. If it was such a bother to add it into this post, it should have been dealt with ages ago.

If you have log/screenie of what you actually said then we will take into consideration. Many people said "oh i just called him a bad com" - real life "FUCKING NOOB SHIT NAZI FUCKING BLACK/WHITE FAG SHIT COM". Just an example.

i have no reason why kapio would say something like that. Firstly insulted you, then said stop using cheats??? wth ok that is wierd. Mate really you should have a screen or logs cause tbh even though you say this its not like we can believe it.

RED I WAS THERE!? Kapio left right after anyway, reasons unknown. Rine lost the last map. We where in rr when the slayall/buryall happened. True Kapio forced himself to join aliens and actually randomed you into rines. But seriously...admin abusing in rr...right

do shut up, personal attacks will not work in your favour. Only add what is related to the TC first post. I hate having a thread that branches out into 3 other threads.

Kapio all i can say is, STOP USING NO CLIP. I dont care if it takes longer because we dont have jp, you wait like any other normal person. I fucking hate it when you no clip at the end to kill that one person prolonging. If it really is a problem then slay him.

other then that i really this all this as a load of girls bitching over some shit on fire

R3D - dont talk to kapio, end of

Kapio - Speak more english, we inforce it on others you should know better.

And people respond better to insults. Dont ban someone because they called you a noob or shit com etc

jesus chirst...
I joined this forum just to tell you what a colossal idiot you are.
AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEH GRAMMAR IT BURNZ!!!!!

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[PM for Kart and SSBB code]

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Alt 2009.09.19   #23
King Arthur
King Arthur
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King Arthur hamarosan közkedvelt lesz
Standard Re: im sick and tired of "im-the-admin-boss-on-the-server" Kapio


if you warn ppl to watch their language in server, at first you must watch your language.

i dont know exactly what happened at past but i can say it due to logs.

and use as much as possible ENGLISH, its number 1 rule - /rules. You dont use English...

If you are admin, do not use volume 0. You must aware all thngs in server...

Kapio is warned this time. Be careful using commands and behaving in server.

Redox and kapio, dont talk each other in server and its over.
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abuse, adminabuse, ban, banned, kapio


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