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Natural Selecton - server stats
by mothman
2007.09.27 08:51 Gehe zu...
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» :: clan ABLE news, informations ::
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ABLE.ns news (13 Betrachter)
ABLE.ns squad news :)
102 1.065
ABLE-CUP - ABLE.ns CUP! (2 Betrachter)
All about ABLE-CUP / ABLE.ns-CUP!
11 241

» :: ABLE.ns public server :: IP:port ::
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Read the server rules before do a wrong things! :)
79 1.154
information for map specific rules, settings
von Live_Feed
2009.09.17 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
51 576
If someone banned or need to ban someone, please post your comment!
von Quake
2009.09.12 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
124 845
Our goal is make this the BEST European NS server, with the BEST admins. If you have any comments about ADMIN behavior or other ADMIN related stuff, please post it here. Thanks fore your feedback!
48 425

» :: ABLE.ns war server ::
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all about a war server
14 204

» :: ABLE.ns - Natural Selection squad ::
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We need more NS war experience - training with us! :)
3 51
JOIN to ABLE.ns! (2 Betrachter)
12 89

» :: Natual Selection - the game ::
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Natural-Selection forum
100 1.216
Moderated part of forum: only allowed a long post with strategy/guideline/tutorial about a specified map or a whole game!
von Komsomol
2009.07.15 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
13 56
If you have a good memories at ABLE.ns game server when you played a great "epic" games, please post here - I hope we all will happy to read this... Or we will more happy if we was in server when this game happends...
6 53

» :: OFFTOPIC - all others :) ::
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General/fun talk (14 Betrachter)
If you have a nice offtopic, spam question, please post here! :)
von GISP
2009.09.05 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
147 1.259
Games (3 Betrachter)
about flash and other games
von Live_Feed
2009.09.07 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
42 466
Anime (2 Betrachter)
all about anime :-)
16 185
Videos/images/media/music (8 Betrachter)
All about videos, music, clips, images, etc...
von r3d0xXuS
2009.09.18 Gehe zum letzten Beitrag
54 291

» :: Guest / Anonymus talk ::
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If you non-registered you can post here!
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